Government of New Brunswick


Become a leading voice on issues of importance to women and girls and relating to gender-equity in New Brunswick.

  • Establish clear positions and, where appropriate, tools and recommendations on key issues;
  • Become a leading resource for research, analysis, commentary, and recommendations;
  • Be able to identify and respond nimbly to emerging issues and opportunities.


Engaged with and informed by the women and girls of New Brunswick in their full diversity.

  • Membership and analysis reflect the diversity of women’s identities, experiences, and communities;
  • Provide opportunities for women to identify and share priorities, needs, and solutions;
  • Build connections with women and girl-focused and equity seeking groups throughout all regions.


Develop robust membership and internal processes centered on consensus-building and anti-oppression.

  • Develop policies and processes that are sound, equitable, and reduce barriers to participation;
  • Foster a committed membership in which members experience solidarity, trust, and respect with one another.


Advocate, educate, and partner strategically.

  • Focus on systems-level change;
  • Take a collective impact approach;
  • Identify strategic roles for the Council given its unique mandate, resources, and relationship to government.